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2551.quiz3.Summer2007 - Upper Case letters start with the...

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COP 2551 – Quiz #3 Summer 2007 Name: ___________________ Directions : Circle the True or False; Write in the letter for multiple choice on the dotted line. 1. (True, False)……….. The value of a condition in an IF or a While is boolean, which means it evaluates to either true or false. 2……. Which of the following sets of operators has lowest precedence? a. arithmetic operators b. equality operators c. relational operators d. logical operators 3………. Same as question 2. Which has highest precedence? 4 (True, False) ………. Logical NOT, AND, and OR all have the same precedence and it is below arithmetic operators. 5…6. In the following Java statement, clearly indicate the order of all operators: if ( a > b+c || a < r/s && p == q) …. 7-8. Write the following condition as a simple ifthenelse statement. larger = ((num1 < num3) ? num1 : num2); 9. (True, False) .......... The switch statement can take a character as the expression to be evaluated. 10………….
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Unformatted text preview: Upper Case letters start with the internal representation of a. 48 b. 64 c. 65 d. 97 e. 122 11-12. Given two strings string1 and string2, write the expression that compares the two of them. Write this in an if statement. I will start it for you… if ( ) 13. When the compare takes place, what ‘type’ is returned from the comparison of the two strings? (write in your answer) one word: 14-16. Write a while loop that sums the first 100 positive integers. Start with 1. 17-19. Same as previous problem. Use a for loop. 20-22. Same; use a do…while loop 23-25. What output is produced by the following code fragment? int num = 87, max = 25; if (num >= max*2) System.out.println (“apple”); System.out.println (“orange”); System.out.println (“pear”); Output is: 26-28…What output is produced by the following code fragment? int num = 0, max = 20 while (num<max) { System.out.println (num); num += 4; } output:...
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