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COP 2551 – Quiz #4 Summer 2010 Name: ___________________ Quiz is worth 10 points. Eleven questions to get ten right. 1. (True, False) A Constructor can only have the return type of void, and this must be explicitly included in the Constructor’s header. 2. (True, False) A constructor is normally used to initialize the values of the instance data for an object. 3. (True, False) Local variables are accessible anywhere in the method in which they are defined. 4. (True, False) Instance variables are accessible by all methods in the object of that class. 5. (True, False) The number and type of formal parameters for a method in an object must be mapped to
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Unformatted text preview: exactly (number and type) to by any code sending a message to that method. 6. (True, False) Actual parameters and arguments refer to the same data. 7. (True, False) Another name for behaviors is properties. 8. The special method that works with System.out.prinln () that can be used to print using only the name of the object is: __________________________ 9. (True, False) A Constructor always has visibility public. 10. (True, False) Public variables in an object violate encapsulation. 11. (True, False) Instance variables and method local variables exist only for the life of the object....
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