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2551.Turnin.Fall2005 - COP2551 Intro to OOP Using Java How...

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COP2551 Intro to OOP Using Java How to Turn in Your Assignments: 1. Make a subdirectory with your userid as its name. (mkdir youruserid) 2. Put the *.java source code or whatever other type of text file you want to turn in (not the *.class byte code) in the directory you just made. cd youruserid. Then, create the file in this subdirectory. save it. Do an ‘ls’ to see that it is ‘there.’ 3. From the directory where you created the subdirectory (that has your userid - that is, one ‘above’ ), shar the subdirectory with your userid. Redirect the output of shar to a file that has your userid name and a .shr extension. (you may have to go up one directory level: $ cd .. <enter> C heck to see if you can see the subdirectory you created. Do an $ ls <enter> shar your_userid > your_userid.shr where " your_userid " is your subdirectory within which your .java files, etc. were developed, and the “>” means to ‘redirect’ your file to (here), your userid.shr. (This resulting .shr file is the file that must be transmitted to me for grading.)
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