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Grade Sheet for Program 5

Grade Sheet for Program 5 - Points earned Pseudo-code See...

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Grade Sheet for Program 5 COP 2551 Spring 2011 Name: ________________________ Source Code – 20 points Points earned: __________ Indentation Internal comments Scope terminators Overall program structure Javadoc – 10 points Points earned: __________ Appropriateness and completeness of comments See link on my web page. Follow the procedure. Be sure to include Javadoc comments in your source code before you generate the Javadoc. Each method must be preceded with Javadoc statements and these need to be visible in the generated Javadoc .html files. Detailed Design – 10 points
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Unformatted text preview: Points earned: _____________ Pseudo-code. See many examples on my web page and previous emails. Outputs – 40 points Points earned: __________ Accuracy and Format; Are they correct Skip lines in between displayed numbers for readability. Make the output look professional! Include headers / descriptors as you may feel appropriate. Please start early. Note the due date. You have plenty of time if you start right away. Program must run totally and correctly to receive a passing grade. Do a little (one step) at a time!...
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