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Grade Sheet Program 3 - are correct, that associations are...

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Grade Sheet – Program 3 Source Code – 30 points Points earned: __________ Indentation Internal comments Scope terminators Overall program structure Program Design – 20 points Points earned: __________ Appropriateness of the objects and their services provided Interface to objects Attribute and method visibility Javadoc – 10 points Points earned: __________ Appropriateness and completeness of comments UML – 10 points Points earned: __________ Correctness, associations, completeness. This means that the classes you identify
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Unformatted text preview: are correct, that associations are indicated, and that the attributes and methods are documented within the classes. Outputs & Program Logic – 30 points Points earned: __________ Accuracy and Format; Are they correct Skip lines in between displayed numbers for readability. Make the output look professional! Include headers / descriptors as you may feel appropriate. Program must run correctly to receive a passing grade. Do a little at a time!...
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