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Grade Sheet Program 3.Spring2011

Grade Sheet Program 3.Spring2011 - Javadoc(10 points(note...

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Project 3 Grade Sheet COP 2551 – Spring 2011 Name: ______________________ Source Code – 20 points. Points earned: _______________ Indentation Internal comments Scope terminators Amount of intelligence in main() and other methods Overall program structure Design : - 40 points. Points earned: ____________________________ Architectural design (UML) 10 points Detail design (pseudo-code) 10 points
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Unformatted text preview: Javadoc (10 points) (note: Javadoc for all methods / classes) Classes, their design, instance variables, methods, documentation. (10 points) Outputs – 40 points. Points earned: ____________________ Accuracy and Format Include headers / descriptors as you may feel appropriate. Total points: _____________ Comments:...
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