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Excerpts from: Javadoc is a computer software tool from Sun Microsystems for generating API documentation into HTML format from Java source code. Javadoc is the industry standard for documenting Java classes. Most IDEs will automatically generate Javadoc HTML . Javadoc tags Developers use certain commenting styles and Javadoc tags when documenting source code. A Java block comment starting with /** will begin a Javadoc comment block which will be included in the generated HTML. A Javadoc tag begins with an "@" (at sign). Some tags are provided in the following table. Tag Description @author Developer name @deprecated Marks a method as deprecated. Some IDEs will issue a compilation warning if the method is called. @exception Documents an exception thrown by a method — also see @throws. @param Defines a method parameter. Required for each parameter. @return Documents the return value. This tag should not be used for constructors or methods defined with a
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Javadoc Help Links - Excerpts from:...

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