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Javadoc-HowToGenerateJavadoc - must include [email protected]

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Generation of Javadoc From the Project window pane, right click on the projectname at the top of the pane. Select Properties (last choice in the drop down). Select Documenting Select Document Additional Tags – Author Click OK Then go to the Build Menu (drop down) and select Generate Javadoc. You will need to break your project into separate classes (.java files) – separate from Main in order for Javadoc to be able to generate documentation of your sourcecode. In order for your Javadoc comments to appear in your Javadoc html pages, you must use the delimiters’’ /** * * */ With your comments on these lines (above). AND they must appear immediately prior to the method headers and class header you are attempting to document. @params, @author, @returns, @whatevers must appear within this syntax above for it to appear on your Javadoc outputs. ALL methods must include an @params, @returns, and a description of function of the method. The class header
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Unformatted text preview: must include an @author and @params, if appropriate ===================================================== Here is additional information regarding use of Javadoc. Class Javadoc Information : It is imperative you put the class javadoc comments directly in front o f the class declaration (as opposed to the front of the file before the package or import statements). Method javadoc Information Put the method javadoc comments directly before every method declaration. @param The @param entries shouldt have the same parameter spelling as the parameter @returns The @returns tells the programmer what is ‘returned’ from the method. /** * description of method. Include a very short description of the purpose of the method * @param e.g. This method expects three integers * @return This method returns a character grade computed from averaging three integers */ public void demoMethod(String myparam) { . ..}...
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