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Here is additional information regarding use of Javadoc. This is cut and paste [with a bit of editing]from an email from Mr. Zucker, who is our resident expert on Javadoc. This all works, so follow these words below, please. Class Javadoc Information : It is imperative you put the class javadoc comments directly in front o f the class declaration (as opposed to the front of the file before the package or import statements). Method javadoc Information Put the method javadoc comments directly before the method declaration. @param The @param entries must have the same parameter spelling as the parameter see example below:
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Unformatted text preview: /** * description of method * @param myparam this doc will work since there is a parameter called myparam (See below) * @param mynextparam param will not work since there is no parameter called mynextparam */ public void demoMethod(String myparam) { . ..} Call to Javadoc Remember to call javadoc with: (your class name) javadoc -author -private, so that the author's name will appear and all methods will also appear. For more info please see: Pay attention to his Comments and Samples sections. They are helpful....
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