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Using NetBeans to Create and Run a Java Application NetBeans is an open source IDE (integrated development environment) available to programmers who want to develop Java projects. Since it is an IDE, the tools needed for editing, compiling, building, debugging, executing, and obtaining online help are all integrated in one graphical user interface. Using these tools effectively can greatly increase your productivity. 1. Start NetBeans by selecting NetBeans IDE 5.0 (or 5.5) from the Start menu or by double-clicking the desktop shortcut. If the Welcome window appears, close it by clicking on the “x” just to the right of “Welcome” on the Welcome tab. 2. You may also close the Navigator window by clicking on the “ X ” on the tab You should now be observing only the Projects , Files, and Runtime window title bars on the left hand side of the main workspace window and a blank, empty panel on the right. (If for some reason they are not, or have been closed accidentally, you can select the Window menu and select the Projects choice, File choice, or the Runtime choice to get them back. If you click on the X, you will get the following image:
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1 2. Project Window: In the screen shot below, the Project window is open showing that NetBeans was previously used to create several earlier Java projects (Lab0Project, Lab1Project, and Lab2Project). Your window should be empty at this point. (Note this image uses an earlier version of NetBeans. But this will cause you no problems) To switch between the Project, Files, or Runtime windows simply click on the desired window’s title bar.) Select the Project’s window if it is not currently selected. Before starting, you should create a folder on your desktop entitled COP2551.1. (if you have the 6:10pm class, please use COP2551.2.) Each lab project this semester will be entitled, projectiyouruserid , where i is the number of the project. Each project you develop will be located in a different folder within COP2551.1
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NetBeansTutorial.v2551 - Using NetBeans to Create and Run a...

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