P4.Fall2005 - Program#4 COP 2521_706 Fall 2005 Objectives...

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Program #4 COP 2521_706 Fall 2005 Objectives: Gain experience using multiple classes Gaining experience with Java programs of multiple classes / objects To gain experience in the detailed design of Java classes as well as Constructors, toString, and other functionally-required methods. To gain additional experience with loops and conditional expressions. To gain experience with method calls and parameter passing To gain experience with instance variables and class variables. To gain experience in seeing association relationships and specifically aggregation relationships and how to implement these. UML diagrams must reflect the associations / aggregation relationships. To gain experience using DecimalFormat class and charAt method of String. Requirements: This program has much to do about objects and their dependencies and relationships. You will be creating a number of objects, performing some calculations, sending messages, using toString to print out values of objects, and formatting output. First of all, to accomplish much of this program, you will need to study/review class variables (static variables), DecimalFormat class objects, charAt method of String objects, and more. You are to develop a class called StudentBody. This is the driver class. This means that main() will be located within this class. StudentBody will be responsible for maintaining a number of Courses and Students in these courses. For each Student object, you are to have instance variables: name, classification, number of hours taken, and grade points. Name and classification are strings, with the classification range “freshman” … “senior” and “graduate”. Hours taken and grade points are integers. For each Course
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P4.Fall2005 - Program#4 COP 2521_706 Fall 2005 Objectives...

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