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Executive Summary – Deliverable 2 Team XXXX Summary of Project Nitrozilla, a family owned business with owners located in Statesboro, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida, has approached XXX Solutions to develop an online inventory management and purchasing system. The business owners travel nationwide to shows and racing events in order to photograph high-performance vehicles. Their products are high resolution photographs sold to customers that include special-interest magazines, collectors, and other individual buyers. The developed system would provide capabilities to organize and manage the photo inventory remotely and offer online shopping for their customers. Activities Undertaken for Deliverable Team members self selected their tasks for this deliverable. Three members worked on developing a draft of the Domain Model, the other three members worked on the Product
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Unformatted text preview: Vision. All members agreed to review documents regularly during this deliverable. Meetings were held to clarify the product vision and user environment. Moderate changes to the drafts of new artifacts resulted from the meetings. Deliverable I artifacts such as the business vision, glossary, and business model were updated to reflect the content of the new artifacts. SQA reports for traceability of needs to features were produced. Artifacts Produced Product Vision Domain Model Statement of Work Artifacts Changed with Rationale Business Vision Document – add stakeholder, modify needs, editorial changes based on reviewer comments Business Use Case Model – add roles to the model Business Glossary – renamed ‘Glossary’, editorial changes based on reviewer comments and changes to the vision...
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