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GrTeam4 Executive Summary Team Number XXXX; Deliverable XXXX 10/03/2007 In Deliverable Two XXXXX has moved furtherer through the inception phase of the RUP focusing on the business modeling and requirements disciplines. XXXXXhas created a domain model, product vision, traceability matrices, and statement of work. The statement of work (SOW) was created by the team lead to describe the work to be done for deliverable two. The SOW provides direction by describing the artifacts, distributing work, and creating a schedule for meetings and milestones. The product vision is a high-level description of the product to be developed. This artifact identifies how the software product will meet the business needs of the client. The sections of this artifact were broken up amongst the group. We met once to provide direction for the content of each section and again to provide feedback on the content produced. It was difficult to create a document with the same tone and focus using this approach. The distribution of work required
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Sample.ExecutiveSummary.Deliverable2 - GrTeam4 Executive...

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