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Maintain Agent Accout Information (from Maintain Agent Account Information) Credit Card Processor (f rom Actors) Agent (f rom Actors) RDBMS (f rom Actors) Account Rep (f rom Actors) System Manager (f rom Actors) Real Estate Web System Version: 1.0 Maintain Agent Account Focused Use Case Description Date: 08/Nov/04 6ac7ebac4bb9e40e12ff73b8452ca497329410d0.doc Use Case Number: 002 Use Case Name: Maintain Agent Account Information Actor (s): Agent, RDBMS, Account Rep, Credit Card Processor, System Manager Maturity: (Façade/Focused/… Focused Summary: Each agent will have an individual account that contains specific agent information. This account will need to be updated periodically to reflect changes to the agent account information. Basic Course of Events: Actor Action 1. Actor Agent navigates to site. 3. Actor Agent enters user ID and password. {Create Agent Account} 5. Actor RDBMS retrieves data and supplies to System. 8. Actor Agent selects edit account information.
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