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Unformatted text preview: Math 153 Syllabus - Summer 2011 Instructor: Kyle Joecken Phone: (614) 247-4082 Office: Math Tower (MW) 649 Email: [email protected] Website: Class Info Classroom: Baker Systems Engineering (BE) 192 Class Time: 1:30p - 2:18p Textbook: Calculus - James Stewart 6E Grading Scheme Quizzes x 5 Midterms x 2 Final Exam Total 100 200 200 500 points points points points • There will be 6 Quizzes; the lowest will be dropped. Because of the dropping of the lowest score, there will be no make-ups. • Grades will be posted on Carmen. • Suggested practice problems will be posted on my website, along with quiz and midterm solutions, copies of the syllabus, calendar, and whatever else I feel needs to be shared. • Ask questions. LOTS of questions. The more questions you ask, the more helpful this class is likely to be to you. The more I know what you’re struggling with the more I can tailor the class to your specific needs. Come on; don’t be shy. Out with it. • Drinking (non-alcoholic) beverages is allowed in class. Eating is not. You may scarf down a quick lunch before the bell rings, but once it does please put it away; the sounds and smells are distracting to students. • If you cannot make office hours, please send me an email and ask to meet at some other time. As long as I have sufficient notice, I’m likely to say ok. ...
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