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Unformatted text preview: he majority of online news users (65%) say they do not. Among those who do, the most popular sites are those of major news from more than five websites, and 21% regularly rely on just one site. Moreover, many do not have strong loyalty to particular online sources. When asked whether they have a favorite online news source, the majority of online news users (65%) say they do not. Among those who do, the most popular sites are those of major news organizations such as such as CNN and Fox. Internet users use the web for a range of news, but local is not near the top of the list. The most popular online news subjects are the weather (followed by 81% of internet news users), national events (73%), health and medicine (66%), business and the economy (64%), international events (62%), and science and technology (60%). Asked what subjects they would like to receive more coverage, 44% said scientific news and discoveries, 41% said religion and spirituality, 39% said health and medicine, 39% said their state government, and 38% said their neighborhood or local community. News consumption is a socially -engaging and socially -driven activity, especially online. The public is clearly part of the news process now. Participation comes more through sharing than through contributing news themselves. Getting news is often an important social act. Some 72% of American news consumers say they follow the news because they enjoy talking with others about what is happening in the world and 69% say keeping up with the news is a social or civic obligation. And 50% of American news consumers say they rely to some degree on people around them to tell them the news they need to know. Online, the social experience is widespread: l 75% of online news consumers say they get news forwarded through email or posts on social networking sites and 52% say they share links to news with others via those means. 51% of social networking site (e.g. Facebook) usersUnderstanding the Participatory News Consumer | 6 who are also online news l Pew Internet & American Life Pr...
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