Asked specifically about their news habits on a

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Unformatted text preview: at least “some of the time. ” Asked specifically about their news habits on “a typical day, ” the results are striking: 99% of American adults say that on a typical day, they get news from at least one of these media platforms: a local or national print newspaper, a local or national television news broadcast, radio, or the internet. 1 Only local and national TV news, the latter if you combine cable and network, are more popular platforms than the internet for news. And most Americans use a combination of both online and offline sources. On a typical day: l 78% of Americans say they get news from a local TV station l 73% say they get news from a national network such as CBS or cable TV station such as CNN or FoxNews l 61% say they get some kind of news online l 54% say they listen to a radio news program at home or in the car l 50% say they read news in a local newspaper l 17% say they read news in a national newspaper such as the New York Times or USA Today. Americans today routinely get their news from multiple sources and a mix of platforms. Nine in ten American adults (92%) get news from multiple platforms on a typical day, with half of those using four to six platforms daily. Fully 59% get news from a combination of online and offline sources on a typical day. Just over a third (38%) rely solely on offline sources, and 2% rely exclusively on the internet for their daily news. The average online consumer regularly turns to only a few websites. Most news consumers utilize multiple platforms for news, but online their range of specific outlets is limited. The majority of online news consumers (57%) say they routinely rely on just two to five websites for their news. Only 11% say they get their news from more than five websites, and 21% regularly rely on just one site. Moreover, many do not have strong loyalty to particular online sources. When asked Pew Internet & American Life Project Understanding the Participatory News Consumer | 5 whether they have a favorite online news source, t...
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