By comparison those who are internet users and those

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Unformatted text preview: e -third (36%) of single platform users get their news from the internet, while 29% of this group get their news exclusively from local television. On the traditional platforms, here are some of the salient demographic details: Local TV news: This is the top source of news for Americans, so it is relatively popular across the board compared with other platforms. At the same time, some demographic groups are particularly likely to watch local TV news on a typical day when compared with other groups: women, African -Americans, and older Americans (those 65 and older). By comparison, those who are internet users and those who have a cell phone but no landline are less likely to get local TV news on a typical day than non -internet users and those who have a landline phone. Political Independents are significantly less likely to get local TV news than partisans in either party. Some 74% of Independents say they get news this way on a typical day compared with 81% of Democrats and 82% of Republicans. National broadcast and cable TV news: These are some of the demographic groups that are particularly likely to watch national broadcast and cable TV news on a typical day when compared with other adults: African -Americans, those over age 50, and those who have premium broadband plans that provide extra -fast connections. As is the case with local TV news, Independents are less likely than Republicans or Democrats to get news from a national TV newscast. Radio news: Looking at those who are most likely to listen to radio news either at home or in the car on a typical day, several demographic groups stand out: those between ages 30 -64, college graduates, and those who use the internet and cell phones. Interestingly, those who are online are more likely to get radio news: 57% of internet Pew Internet get radio news regularly, users & American Life Project Understanding Similarly, 53% of Consumer | 17 compared with 44% of non -users. the Participatory Newsthe cell -only population (those who have dropped their landline and rely exclusively on their cell phone) get radio news on a typical day...
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