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Unformatted text preview: , compared with 39% of those who rely home or in the car on a typical day, several demographic groups stand out: those between ages 30 -64, college graduates, and those who use the internet and cell phones. Interestingly, those who are online are more likely to get radio news: 57% of internet users get radio news regularly, compared with 44% of non -users. Similarly, 53% of the cell -only population (those who have dropped their landline and rely exclusively on their cell phone) get radio news on a typical day, compared with 39% of those who rely exclusively on landlines. Radio news is also a major draw for Republicans and conservatives, compared with Democrats, moderates and liberals. Print version of local newspaper: Those who are particularly likely to read news in a printed version of their local paper on a typical day include: whites, those over age 50, and people who do not own cell phones. Paradoxically, non -internet users and those who have premium internet services are more likely than others to read local newspapers. Those who use text messaging and those who use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are less likely to read the print version of local newspapers on a typical day than those who do not use those tech applications. Print version of a national newspaper like the New York Times or USA Today: The readers of the printed version of national newspapers are decidedly upscale. College graduates, those who live in households earning $75,000 or more, and internet users (especially those with premium plans) are more likely than others to read national newspapers on a typical day. Democrats are also disproportionately likely to get their news routinely from printed national newspapers. Satisfaction with coverage of different news topics Americans may complain about the mix of news stories they get across the variety of platforms, but a majority still think that topic by topic there is sufficient coverage. There is interesting variance across the topi...
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