Advertising budget is good investment in news channels

Advertising budget is good investment in news channels -...

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Advertising budget is good investment in news channels Mindshare (Taiwan) 2010.11.3 With the signing of ECFA, rebound, optimistic people advertiser spending power, have launched new products, new services, and these products, services, media campaigns are required, but unlike other developed countries in Europe and America have a higher proportion of investment in online media, Taiwan is still the main TV to buy, especially the cable channels. The CPRP (cost of ratings points, Cost per Rating Point) to buy Taiwan-based TV environment, the higher the TV ratings will undoubtedly have more space to accommodate the number of ads, however, Taiwan's television ratings have been falling year by year, especially 15 to 44 years old main buying groups, forcing the need to increase the number of ad exposure, the total audience to reach the scheduled number of points, but television advertising is a fixed number of seconds, so the number of ads that reduced exposure. To 2010 on 1 WAugust of view, the monthly average exposure of the TV ad material support up to 2,200, representing an increase of 2,000 the previous one as, therefore, the increased demand for advertisers, but has decreased the supply of television, Under the supply and demand imbalance, making the TV media in 2010 has become a seller's market, TV stations have a higher power to decide. Figure I 1-8 month average monthly count television advertising exposure Observed performance in recent years, television ratings, ratings peak in 2008, 2010, the overall ratings down 4% compared to 2008, but 25 to 44 age group fell sharply by more than one, and the population is most commodities advertising program purchase of major ethnic groups in advertising demand, but the ratings did not increase in the population under the requirements of advertisers to adjust TV buying group or way to change the files into a single purchase, but for the sake of advertisers on TV, we can only accept. Figure II 1-8 months of 2006-2010, the average performance ratings
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And at the end of the five are election, leaving the television advertising market has been stretched even worse, a lot of ads in the November election will be substantially captured prime-time television, and the relative compression is generally exposed commercial advertising space. In the past five years, two weeks before the election campaign ad appears, the most comprehensive election advertising exposure, especially in presidential elections, and mayoral elections due to election of small scope, so TV advertising less, but the proportion invested in news channels is the highest in nearly five elections, showing that the election of heads of municipalities will have a high proportion of the news channel exposed, so the end of November election of the five are also expected to drastically reduced commercial news channel Journal of space. Figure III from 2005 to 2009 two weeks before the election day party / campaign ad showing Overview
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Advertising budget is good investment in news channels -...

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