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Media Online 2004. All rights reserved. DAILY PAPERS' FORMALISM AND YELLOW TABLOIDS' SENSATIONALISM Zoran Stanojevic July 20, 2004 At least 10 national daily papers publish in Belgrade today. At least, since the status of several other papers is not entirely clear. Some are temporarily not coming out, some are shut down, and some new editions are expected. In addition, the Serbian capital is the seat of some 10 television companies, which are pinning their hopes, with bigger or smaller chances, on one of the four planned national frequencies. The number of radio stations is difficult to even estimate. This is a field where imposing order will be painstaking work, except if the authorities decide to employ drastic measures. The media landscape of the capital is an example of the media landscape of Serbia in general. In every city there are at least two television stations, several radio stations and at least two local dailies or weeklies. If we are going to call all of them media outlets, then Serbia has more than 1,000, and we can only guess the number of journalists working for them (especially if we include here full- and part-time stringers). This multitude can best be seen at press conferences or similar occasions (for example, assembly sessions, statements after important trials), when as many as 20 microphones are placed in front of those who are speaking. Those who address so many media outlets probably feel honored, but they are also certain that what they say will reach the public. A journalist in this crowd can only dream of exclusivity, if he has any such dreams
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