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Organization Theory and Design Quiz # 3(a) 0.25 negative mark for each wrong answer True False section 1. The Organizational chart reflects the organization’s structure 2. Reporting relationships are represented by vertical lines in an organizational chart and represents the chain of command 3. The goals of an organization have no influence on the structure of the organization 4. Unity of effort, communication, and coordination are made easier when are grouped together who need to share resources and who are jointly responsible for performance 5. Horizontal coordination devices are needed among all the departments of an organization 6. A task force is a permanent committee used to provide coordination over a long period of time 7. Identifying the type of structure an organization enables you to describe its environment, technology, size, and goals 8. The dual authority inherent in martrix structure requires many meetings, and managers who are skilled in interpersonal relationship 9. A matrix structure is the best one for all organizations to use
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