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Strategic Management Quiz # 4 (a) 0.25 negative mark for each wrong answer True/False 1. Corporate strategy deals with the choice of direction for the firm as a whole. 2. Corporate parenting is the coordination of cash flow among units. ) 3. A merger is a transaction involving two or more corporations in which stock is exchanged, but from which only one corporation survives. 4. Vertical integration is going backward on an industry’s value chain. 5. Forward integration is the degree to which a firm operates vertically in multiple locations on an industry’s value chain from extracting raw materials to manufacturing to retailing. 6. Conglomerate diversification is diversifying into an industry unrelated to its current one. 7. Exporting grants rights to another company to open a retail store using the franchiser’s name and operating system. 8. Turnkey operations are typically contracts for the construction of operating facilities in exchange for a fee.
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