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quiz 5 (b) - Strategic Management Quiz 5(b 0.5 negative...

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Strategic Management Quiz 5 (b) 0.5 negative mark for each wrong answer True/False 1. Staffing issues can involve hiring new people with new skills, firing people with inappropriate or substandard skills, and/or training existing employees to learn new skills. 2. A dynamic industry expert is someone with an analytical mind who is highly knowledgeable in other industries and can manage diverse product lines. 3. A professional liquidator might be called on by a bankruptcy court to close the firm and liquidate its assets. 4. Executive succession is the process of replacing a key top manager. 5. Assessment centers evaluate a person’s performance only for leaderless group discussions. 6. Downsizing refers to the planned elimination of positions or jobs. 7. MBO stands for Management By Objectives. 8. Assimilation involves the relatively balanced give-and-take of culture and managerial practices between the merger practices. 9.
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