Model answer quiz 5 (a) - Strategic Management Quiz 5 (a)...

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Strategic Management Quiz 5 (a) 0.5 negative answer for each wrong answer True/False 1. Strategy formulation is the sum total of the activities and choices required for the execution of a strategic plan. (p.192) Answer: F 2. Those who implement strategy will be less diverse than those who formulate it. (p.193) Answer: F 3. The matrix of change was designed to help managers decide how quickly change should proceed, in what order changes should take place, whether to start at a new site, and whether the proposed systems are stable and coherent. (p.194) Answer: T 4. Standard operating procedures typically detail the various activities that must be carried out to complete a corporation’s programs. (p.196) Answer: T 5. The structure follows strategy concept was developed by Mintzberg. (p.197) Answer: F 6. The first state of corporate development is simple structure. (p.199) Answer: T 7. Stage IV could involve a pressure-cooker crisis. (p.201) Answer: T 8. The second stage of the organizational life cycle is maturity. (p.202)
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Model answer quiz 5 (a) - Strategic Management Quiz 5 (a)...

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