Half of Pakistan watches TV - HALF OF PAKISTAN WATCHES TV:...

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HALF OF PAKISTAN WATCHES TV: GALLUP POLL TV Explore on July 16, 2009 Share   If you want to share any news or article related to Pakistani TV channels, please send to us. Your submitted news/article will be published at TVEXplore and you will get full credit for that. Out of about 80 million Pakistanis who watch television, 50 million of them live in the rural areas, said the chairman of Gallup Pakistan. There are about 170 million people in Pakistan. Gallup’s Iijaz Shafi Gilani was speaking at a Sustainable Development Policy Institute seminar. Out of the 87 million who watch television, 30 million of them have access via cable and satellite and about 40 million use antennae. The swift increase in electricity connections to the rural areas over the last five years, also increased the viewership, he said. But while the people in Pakistan’s rural areas form the clear majority of television audiences the fare is not to their taste or needs, he added. A poll released June 15 showed among various activities, watching television was preferred by 40% of people in their free time, followed by meeting friends (24%), doing some other activity (15%), resting or sleeping (13%), and going for outings (3%). The poll was conducted among a sample of 2,690 men and women from rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, during December 2008. Following are the details of the report: TV Viewership at National Level TV Viewers 86 million 38 million Terristrial Viewers 48 million TV Viewership by Markets Metropolitan Areas (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi)
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13 million Large Cities (with population over 500,000 persons) 5 million Small Cities and Town (with population under 500,000 persons) 16 million Villages 52 million It is estimated that on an average day approximately 38 Million Pakistanis of age 10+ view cable and satellite TV. The estimated viewership of various genres of TV on an average day is the following (because of multiple viewership
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Half of Pakistan watches TV - HALF OF PAKISTAN WATCHES TV:...

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