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NEWS. Stalin David Hidalgo Delgado 1, Johnny Bustamante 2. 1 Engineer in Statistical Computing 2005; email: . 2 Director of Thesis, Mathematics, Russian University of Peoples Friendship, 1994. ESPOL professor since 2001, email: . ABSTRACT The present work is to automate the process of a telephone survey with the help of the teleinformatics, from its beginning to the end. This work represents a prototype, we hope will be helpful for market research companies and TV channels who want to analyze public opinion in a different way to present the concept of randomness. We have designed a system which includes a questionnaire to be answered by viewers of the news. From here take the data and are analyzed in the SPSS software and statistical results are obtained. The entire process, from selecting the items in the sample until analysis is done under the statistical background. The present work Consists of Automating the process of a telephonic survey with the help of the computer TV, from end Until His initial stage. This work Represents a prototype, for Which we hope That it is of great help for the companies of investigation (research) of Markets and for TV's channels That want to analyze the public opinion of a Way Different from the current one under the concept of randomness . There Has Been designate one system in Which Consists of questionnaire That Will Be Answered by the viewers of the television newscasters. Of the information here Takes and They Are Analyzed in the statistical software SPSS and the results Are Obtained. The whole process, from the selection of the elements of the sample up to the analysis it is Realized under the statistical foundation. INTRODUCTION The elaboration of this thesis is a prototype main objective automated survey of research in the national news as society has influenced these events. Here we will use statistical methods to make valid the automated survey, as do the news on a semi-tech. Also use technological applications such as telecomputing, which will serve to transmit data within a computer system that will help us automate the telephone survey. This work is a great contribution to ESPOL as contributing to national development as it professes ESPOL Mission. CONTENT
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This note was uploaded on 07/21/2011 for the course BUS 10001 taught by Professor All during the Spring '11 term at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology.

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