Quiz 2(a) - 1 Strategic Management Quiz # 2 (a) 0.5...

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Strategic Management Quiz # 2 (a) 0.5 negative mark for each wrong answer 1. Those critical strengths and weaknesses that are likely to determine if a firm will be able to take advantage of opportunities while avoiding threats are called a. SWOT. b. competitive forces. c. internal strategic factors. d. quality accounting. e. factor analysis 2. When a company determines a resource’s competitive advantage, Barney refers to this issue as a. value. b. rareness. c. imitability. d. organization. e. durability. 3. An asset, competency, process, skill, or knowledge controlled by the corporation is called a(n) a. critical success factor. b. resource . c. key performance factor. d. external strategic factor. e. internal strategic factor 4. The activities that a corporation does exceedingly well are known as a. corporate capabilities. b. distinctive competencies. c. core competencies. d. critical success factors. e. key performance factors. 5. When a company takes apart a competitor’s product in order to find out how it works, this process is known as a. durability. b. replicability. c . reverse engineering. d. transparency. e. transferability 6. _____ is more valuable because it provides companies with a sustainable competitive advantage that is harder for competitors to imitate. a. Tacit knowledge b. Explicit knowledge c. Imitable knowledge d. Transferable knowledge e. Durable knowledge 7. A linked set of value-creating activities beginning with basic materials provided by suppliers and ending with
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Quiz 2(a) - 1 Strategic Management Quiz # 2 (a) 0.5...

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