Guide Lines For Presentation strategic management

Guide Lines For Presentation strategic management - members...

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Guide Lines For Presentation: 1. The group must select a leader who will introduce his/her team members and the portion of the case they would be presenting ( All group members must present some portion of the case, in case a group member doesn’t present he will not be graded on the presentation. Please remember presentation has 50 % marks) 2. All presentations must be made on power point . Matrices can be shown on excel or word 3. Reading from the slides by turning their back towards the audience will get negative evaluation 4. All presentation must be in English, explaining any concept in Urdu will get negative evaluation 5. While presenting it is the responsibility of the group to ensure that there are no contradictions in group member’s portion of the presentation with the presentation of other member of the team 6. Individual presentations will be evaluated both on the content of their presentation and the style and confidence of the presenter 7. While answering the question(s) only the presenter will answer it. No other team
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Unformatted text preview: members will be allowed to answer the question 8. The presentation should not last more than 45 minutes excluding question answer sessions 9. Questions should be raised after the presenter has completed his/her part of presentation 10. The names of the students who are listening to the presentation will be noted down and would count towards extra marks as class participation. Students can get 5 marks extra if they ask logical and intelligent questions in all the the major case sessions. Presentation Evaluation Form Please rate the presentation on the scale of 1 – 5, 1= very poor, 2= poor, 3= average, 4 = quite good, 5 = excellent Name of Presenters Criteria Eye contact with the audience Communication Skills Confidence in presenting the material Listening Skills (ability to listen to the question and answer it logically and confidently) Professional Slides ( not over worded) The professional standard is not more than 6-8 lines per slide and 6-8 words per line) Overall Presentation...
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Guide Lines For Presentation strategic management - members...

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