Quiz 2(c) - 1 Strategic Management Quiz 2(c 0.5 negative...

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Strategic Management Quiz # 2 (c) 0.5 negative mark for each wrong answer 1. According to Barney’s VRIO framework, the question of the resource being costly for other competitors to imitate relates to the concept of a. value. b. rareness. c. imitability. d. organization. e. durability 2. An internal variable can be considered a strategic factor and should be considered in strategic decisions a. if it is significantly different from its own past, its key competitors, or the industry average. b. if it is the basis for the firm's founding. c. if it is a variable to which top management allocates a large proportion of the organization's resources. d. if it is directly affected by the national economic outlook. e. if legislation is enacted which requires the organization to concentrate. 3. When a company’s capabilities or competencies are superior to those of competitors, these are known as a. resources. b. distinctive competencies . c. core competencies. d. critical success factors. e. key performance factors 4. The ability of competitors to use duplicated resources and capabilities to imitate the other firm's success is called a. imitability. b. durability. c. transferability. d. transparency. e. replicability. 5. Knowledge that can be easily articulated and communicated is known as a. tacit knowledge.
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Quiz 2(c) - 1 Strategic Management Quiz 2(c 0.5 negative...

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