Quiz 2(b) - 1 Strategic Management Quiz # 2 (b) 0.5...

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Strategic Management Quiz # 2 (b) 0.5 negative mark for each wrong answer 1. Which of the following is NOT one of the four question areas Barney proposes in his VRIO framework used to evaluate a firm's key resources? a. durability b. organization c. rareness d. value e. imitability 2. According to Barney’s VRIO framework, the exploitation of a resource pertains to the _____ of the reso a. value b. rareness c. imitability d. organization e. durability 3. Things that a corporation can do exceedingly well are called a. resources. b. distinctive competencies. c. core competencies . d. critical success factors. e. key performance factors. 4. The rate at which a firm's underlying resources and capabilities depreciate or become obsolete is called a. replicability. b. transparency. c. imitability. d. durability. e. transferability 5. The speed with which other firms can understand the relationship of resources and capabilities supporting a successful firm’s strategy is called a. imitability. b. reverse engineering. c. transferability. d. transparency. e. durability 6. Knowledge that is not easily communicated because it is deeply rooted in employee experience or in a corporation’s culture is called a. tacit knowledge. b. explicit knowledge. c. imitable knowledge. d. transferable knowledge. e. durable knowledge 7. The part of an industry's value chain that is most important to a company and the point where its greatest expertise and capabilities lie is called the company's a. functional crossroads. b. center of gravity. c. dynamic equilibrium. d. e. economy of scope 1
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8. When examining the corporate value chain of a particular product or service, which one of the following is NOT one of the PRIMARY activities that usually occur? a.
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Quiz 2(b) - 1 Strategic Management Quiz # 2 (b) 0.5...

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