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Mission JetBlue's mission is to be the leading low-fare passenger airline by offering customers a differentiated product and high-quality customer service. Strategic Objectives: Replicate the same model successfully on a large scale. Maintain the low cost leadership As airline grows the HR will also expand so, company needs to maintain employees and keep them happy. Provide luxury to first class or business class. Offer a variety of places to fly. Current Strategy JetBlue’s strategy was to identify and eliminate non-value-adding costs and use the money so saved to provide service of better quality. Jet Blue is currently competing by offering low-fare prices and high customer service. The main competitive advantages they have are their airplanes, customer service, and flow of business. JetBlue is the first to have cameras set up in the plane so that the pilot can see what is going on while staying in the cockpit. All of these innovations are working by making the customers feel more comfortable and safe. This almost ensures that they will fly with JetBlue in the future. JetBlue is also competing by keeping their operating costs to a minimum. Flying the same model of plane, keeping the workers happy so they do not demand high salaries or leave for higher salaries. Implementing a paperless environment by highly promoting Internet ticket sales are all ways that JetBlue keeps their costs low.
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Value Chain Analysis Supply Chain Management Inbound Logistics The primary base of JetBlue's operations at New York's John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport provides them access to a market of approximately 21 million potential customers in the New York metropolitan area and approximately 6 million potential customers within 15 miles of the airport. JFK has four runways and permits more flight departures and arrivals per day at JFK. JetBlue flies over the Atlantic Ocean to prevent congestion during times when weather
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sajiddd - Mission JetBlue's mission is to be the leading...

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