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Chapter 15 The impact of information campaigns Throughout U.S. history, volunteer organizations and the federal government to deliver their messages the public has repeatedly relied on the media. These reports suggested that people certain knowledge, intended to change their attitudes, attitudes and behavior. R. Rice and C. Atkin (Rice & Atkin, for publications in the periodicals) identified public information campaigns such as: "(1) the efforts that serve to (2) awareness, beliefs or motivations of behavior change (3) a relatively well-defined and large audience, (4) usually with a non- profit benefit to the individual and / or society as a whole, (5) normally within the allotted time, (6) through an organized outreach activities, including mass media, and (7) are often supplemented by interpersonal support "(adapted and expanded from Rogers & Storey, 1987, p. 821). Perhaps a simpler way to define public information campaigns will serve several notable examples. Perhaps a simpler way to define public information campaigns will serve several notable examples. As seen below, information campaigns in our society take many different forms and have their own specific goals and objectives. Each time we see the election victory of one candidate over another, which is usually considered an indicator of the success of his or her political campaign. Every day we see advertisements that are part of a larger campaign for the sale of certain goods or services. On TV and radio see and hear the information social services. They tell us to buckle up and insist that only we can prevent forest fires. They strongly urge us to help eliminate crime or persuaded not to drive drunk, citing examples of victims of drunk drivers. All these examples represent several well-known information campaigns specifically designed to change our attitudes, attitudes and behavior. This chapter is devoted mostly to theory, strategies and research from existing successful information campaigns. It discusses the con cept of information campaigns, offered to your attention skie theoretical basis on which the campaign strategies, explores some of the reasons for their failures, and then
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provides 10 principles that increase the chances of success of campaigns (Rice & Atkin, for publications in the periodicals; Atkin, 2001; McGuire, 2001). The basis of the developed principles of success laid the theoretical knowledge and conducted a few years detailed studies of successful and sustained efforts cessfully campaigns. At the end of the chapter discusses the latest research on the effectiveness of information campaigns. Concepts relating to information campaigns Speaking about the impact of information campaigns, it should be noted that the majority of the pain data in this area received and processed by R. Rice and C. Atkin, after a careful study of the theoretical and research literature, full spin with about a ton to about a po st p and n in a g and t with me in them to Mr. and e Public Communication Campaigns ("O b u e a t e a n n s e
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Chapter 15 Russian - Chapter 15 The impact of information...

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