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Strategic Management Quiz 7(b) 0.5 negative mark for each wrong answer Multiple Choice Section 1- Which one of the following is not  something to look for in identifying a company's  culture? A) The company's approach to people management and the official policies, procedures, and  operating practices that paint the white lines for the behavior of company personnel B) The   company's   track   record   in   meeting   or   beating   its   financial   and   strategic  performance targets C) How managers and employees interact and relate to each other D) The spirit and character that pervades the work climate E) The strength of peer pressures to do things in particular ways and conform to expected  norms 2- Companies   with   multinational   operations   or   that   have   recently   made   new  acquisitions typically have: A) unhealthy cultures. B) multiple cultures or subcultures . C) weak cultures. D) adaptive cultures. E) unstable cultures 3- Which of the following statements about a strong-culture company is false? A) Decisive leadership on the part of top executives, an industry-leading market share,  and strict enforcement of long-standing company policies are all important traits of a  strong culture company . B) In  s trong culture companies, senior managers make a point of reiterating key principles and  core values to organization members; more importantly, they make a conscious effort to  display these principles and values in their own actions and behavior—they walk the talk. C) Continuity   of   leadership,   small   group   size,   stable   group   membership,   geographic  concentration, and considerable organizational success all contribute to the emergence  and sustainability of a strong culture D) In   a strong-culture company, culturally-approved behaviors and ways of doing things are  nurtured while culturally-disapproved behaviors and work practices get squashed. E) Sen i or managers insist that company values and business principles be reflected in the  decisions and actions taken by all company personnel; moreover, individuals encounter  strong   peer   pressures   from   co-workers   to   observe   culturally-approved   norms   and  behaviors.
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4- Which of the following is not  one of the four types of unhealthy company cultures? A) Bureaucratic cultures B) Change-resistant cultures C) Unethical and greed-driven cultures D) Politicized cultures E) Insular, inwardly-focused cultures 5- The hallmarks of a high performance corporate culture include: A) a   shared   willingness   to   adapt   core   values   and   ethical   standards   to   fit   the   changing 
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Quiz 7(b) model answers - Strategic Management Quiz 7(b 0.5...

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