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Television viewers eyes Introduction. For 10 years, television in Russia is developing under the sign of commercialization. As a social institution, it has undergone a significant transformation, acquiring a completely different configuration, content, and functions. It is analyzed and often criticized, the print media, not only in specialized publications. There are attempts of scientific reflection, from articles in academic journals and finishing the dissertation research. In all cases, is generally considered the activities of the TV - as a means of information and education tool for shaping and manipulating public opinion or as a special kind of art, the scope of creative pursuit of TV professionals, etc. This is the sphere of expert assessments, when professionals assess professionals. And what perceive contemporary Russian television, and the changes that it underwent, those for whom it is, in general, and there are - people people, the audience? This section is not seriously considered in the publications. This is understandable, since such an analysis is necessary to conduct specific case studies. One such project, entitled "Television viewers eyes-2000" was conducted in autumn 2000, this nationwide survey, representing all of Russia's urban population over the age of 15 years (sample size - 2000 people). . Study was large and complex and cover a wide range of problems: Television and Society; time budget and lifestyle television viewers, the image channel, genre-themed TV audience preferences, the prospects of individual genres and specialized television channels, etc. In this paper, based on the results of the study We analyze the role of television in modern Russian society, its place in a number of other channels of information, its purpose and functions in society as it appears in the mass consciousness, as well as people's attitudes and their assessment of the current television compared to the Soviet. 1. TV-channel information The study confirmed the fact that TB is the leading channel of information. As you know, in terms of technical features and TV is certainly far superior to any other channels and means of mass communications, spanning virtually the entire adult population - 98-99%. In comparison with other communication channels occupy a much more modest position. They either do not have a mass character and wide distribution, ie serve the interests of narrow, specialized groups (such as the Internet, for example), or, being a mass channel (radio, print media), in addition to, once again additionally duplicate messages, TV and the TV itself given event-structure. As a consequence, primarily (but not exclusively) television does not have any serious competitors for the attention of the population. It is a leader in daily news
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consumption by a large margin from other channels (see Table 1). A considerable amount of time devoted to the Russians radio, associated primarily with two types of transfers - music and news, which are depleted (without the "Image") variants of the
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Television viewers eyes - Television viewers eyes...

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