Features of perception of television commercials

Features of perception of television commercials -...

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Features of perception of television commercials, performed in  different cultural traditions  In our time, as a result of powerful development tools of mass communication there is the process of creating a unified information space. It affects both the national mentality of the people as a whole [1,4,5], and in particular world view of a separate entity, thanks to the wide availability of inokulturnyh information products. Expanding and enriching the world picture images, and complex artificial stimuli are not peculiar to the native culture of rights, require him to adapt to a certain value structures and sign the code of communicative messages to any information stored in it, was taken successfully and appropriately. On the other hand, the media, seeking to improve their communication messages, create and constantly improve a specific set of techniques, symbols, signs and other ways of organizing the messages addressed to the basic components of the national mentality. During the mass media, this peculiar "language of the media (for example, conventional time sequence when installing the film) is available to virtually the entire audience. However, in view of the importance of the effect of novelty to sustain attention, he is constantly being updated. It should be noted that the selection and improvement of these techniques is the principle of enhancing the impact, raising the tempo of communication. expressiveness of images, selection of significant detail, providing intense appeal to the cultural contexts, information density, highly emotional reaction to the message. Selection criterion in this case - requirements inherent in the traditional (ethnic) culture of the respondent. The appearance in the media market of large mass inokulturnyh information products introduced in the usual form of information coding many innovations, which, on the one hand, it must fit into a certain categorical schemes, on the other - they are partly to modify them. In view of frequent recourse to the media elements of artistic communication (symbols, metaphors) clear and unambiguous reading of the sign information becomes an independent task. Most clearly the specifics of mass communication processes as a form of advertising reflects the impact of communication, based on the strongest signals addressed to the communication partner [13-15]. This is a relatively new genre in the domestic media. This is the image-saturated genre of MK and the most important Compromised form of artistic communication, reflecting all the changes in the social, value, emotional and aesthetic aspects of society. Advertising chosen by us as a model, which clearly manifest the mechanisms of influence on the motivational, emotional, behavioral scope of rights. Проведенное в 1995 г. пилотажное исследование восприятия русской аудиторией рекламных продуктов, произведенных в разных культурных традициях, позволило зафиксировать первую непосредственную
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Features of perception of television commercials -...

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