Sensationalism and sensationalism in the media -...

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SENSATIONALISM AND SENSATIONALISM IN THE MEDIA   Creation and Production in Design and Communication No. 32 [ISSN: 1668-5229]   Contemporary Essays.  Edition V Writings of students.  First Semester 2010   Year VII, Vol 32, October 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina | 132 pages    [Download PDF]     [See index]     [See all books in publication]     [+] Share    Berti, Florence    Introduction     Sensationalism   is   the   tendency   to   present   the   facts   and     news   so   as   to   produce   sensation,   emotion   or     printing.    (Encyclopedic   Dictionary   Vox   1.   ©   2009   Larousse     Editorial,   SL)     This   word   usually   refers   to   the   media:   the     critical   of   media   bias   from   any   political   sign     often   accuse   the   media   of   sensational   postures     on   your   way   to   provide   the   news.    That   is,   they   accuse     media   to   report   on   matters   shocking   or   call     attention   rather   than   relevant   or   important   issues.     Today,   with   numerous   television   programs   is     giving   even   more   importance   to   matters   of   little   consequence     as   the   private   lives   of   famous   people   that   arouse     great   interest   among   the   public.    The   tabloids   distort     information,   highlight   the   morbid   curiosity,   encourages   violence   and   trivialize     social   life.     The   tabloids   in   Latin   America     This   text   comes   from   the   concern   over   the   large   amount     yellow   press   is   in   our   nations.     Certainly   much   has   been   written   and   discussed   about   the   press  
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  yellow,   how   distorted   information,   how   the   illness   highlights     and   encourages   violence   and   trivialize   social   life.    Given   the   wide     discussion   of   this   phenomenon   from   the   press     American   mass   to   the   English   tabloids,   no     many   new   if   we   only   focus   on   the   analysis     texts   and   the   narrative   structures   of   these   newspapers.    More     than   a   new   conviction   or   appeal   to   a   more   law     severe,   I   believe   that   the   phenomenon   of   the   tabloid   press   has   already     been   widely   described   from   journalistic   dimension.     However,   communicative   and   cultural   phenomenon,   the   recent     tabloid   suggests   a   number   of   questions     and   questions   that   have   not   been   sufficiently   addressed.    Al     conceived   outside   tabloid   journalism,     has   prevailed   in   some   way   a
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Sensationalism and sensationalism in the media -...

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