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Chapter 14 Impact News During the last decade of XX century and the dawn of the new millennium attention and imagination of people around the world captured several major news. In 1995, the famous footballer, a former winner of the prize Haysmana, OJ Symp-son was accused of murdering his wife and her friend, and then acquitted. Two years later, in August 1997, the entire world community was saddened and shocked by the tragic death of Princess Diana in a Paris car crash. A live broadcast of her funeral in London showed television companies around the world. In 1998, the message about an intimate relationship with President Bill Clinton in the White House intern Monica Lewinsky, the subsequent denial of his public, and later the recognition of sexual relations with Lewinsky, much shaken confidence in Clinton as a person and president. In the last months of 2000 the problems with voting in Florida long kept the Americans and the world in suspense and ignorance about who all the same will be the 43 th U.S. president - Republican George W. Bush or Democrat Al Gore. At first glance, the above examples have several common aspects. All of them were sensational, all related to celebrities or famous people and all have caused this or that strong audience reaction. But in this case the characteristic features of the main messages of news does not end there. Of course, each of us can identify the most important news in a series of others, but what is the specific characteristics they defined? When reported important news in what way and how quickly it spreads among the viewers, listeners and readers? In addition, some have a psychological impact on the news people? Can the news to influence the decisions a person or his / her behavior? Always Do people understand the news they see and hear on TV? Do they remember the news that you just saw? And if you take the social level, there may be any news to have such power to sometimes affect foreign or domestic policy? This chapter studies the impact of news and is an attempt to answer all the questions above. Symptoms News What is news? How can it be described and defined? W. Hachten offers one of the best description of the news. "The news is not usually an isolated single event, while television news frequently leave such impression. News - a process that is at chalsya in the recent past, there is at present and will continue in the future. Consequently, the background of news and its context are important in the same extent as the subsequent messages. You can also say that the news by its nature is fickle and changeable. ... News, as a useful public knowledge, consists of many elements that are different from word of mouth, juicy stories, entertainment, gossip and, particularly, scandals, although they may contain germs of news and, unfortunately, very often involved in message news. The news has had a long interesting history, that is news for one person to another can be fun, inspiration, propaganda or distraction
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Chapter 14 Impact News Russian - Chapter 14 Impact News...

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