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(Continued) <<Back to Top "Eyewitnesses" events . Very effective technique, often used to create emotional resonance . Queried a lot of random people from the words which form the necessary semantic and emotional range. Particularly strong effect produced flashy old woman, crying children, young people with disabilities. A classic example was the war in the Persian Gulf. In October 1990, the world's media circled the story of fifteen-year-girl that she saw Iraqi soldiers pulled fifteen babies from the hospital and put them on the cold floor to die. The name of the girl defiantly hidden for security reasons her family. U.S. President George W. Bush has used a story about dead babies ten times during the forty days before the invasion of Iraq. Senate debate on the approval of military action also repeatedly returned to this fact. It later emerged that the girl was the daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States, a member of the Kuwaiti ruling family. Still later it became known that most of the other "witnesses" were prepared and exposed to well-known public relations firm Hill & Knowlton. But this is no one cared . Rewriting history The method is effective in the long run, when you need to gradually build the right outlook. In order to "brainwash" a whole society, to make of him a major program of manipulation and good sense to turn off a few generations, we must first destroy the historical memory. Modern technologies are able to destroy the manipulation of consciousness in man the knowledge gained from the actual historical experience, to replace it with an artificially constructed "director" of knowledge. Artificially formed a picture of historical reality is transmitted separate individuals through books, lectures, radio and television, press, theater, movies, etc. Thus constructed an illusory world, which is perceived as real. As a result, all the real life people may perceive as a bad dream, and those chimeras that he inspires propaganda, advertising and mass culture, by entering it into a trance, is perceived as reality. In this case, is especially effective cinematography. Cinema as a way of propaganda, can provide extremely high emotional impact (see emotional resonance ). It is actively generated in the imagination of the viewer an illusory picture of the world in a very idealized form. According to the author's intention movie can arbitrarily create the viewer a sense of "fairness" and the moral rightness of this or that character, regardless of its actual role in history. In this case, the propaganda effect on a person is hidden on an emotional level, regardless of his conscious control. No rational counter-arguments in this case do not work. A simple example: on a rational level, we are all well aware of who was Adolf Hitler and we know his actions. However, using special techniques and dramatic game of talented actors, film-maker may well
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Encyclopedia of methods to promote - Encyclopedia of...

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