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CRJ 308 WEEK 2 DB2

CRJ 308 WEEK 2 DB2 - Since 1979 BWS has been raised in...

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Since 1979, BWS has been raised in hundreds of cases in America. Self-defense, for so long narrowly defined in a male perspective suitable to describing violent interactions between two males, began to be interpreted in a broader framework. It acknowledged that in many cases, both due to physiological and socialization differences, a female simply cannot defend herself in the same manner as a male and even more specifically, that living in a battering situation for an extended period of time impacts on the individual's ability to act according to the way that 'a reasonable man' would behave. This leaves them in to forget everything that is going on around them and lose their minds. Proving my stands that the wife is temporary insane; and carries out a plan to remove herself from the situation by killing the spouse that is causing so my hurt and pain as her life as it is spiraling out of control. The BWS defense is that victims of abuse are psychologically traumatized to the point that they are
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