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crj 308 WEEK 3 DB1 - Ashford 4: - Week 3 - Assignment 1...

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Ashford 4: - Week 3 - Assignment 1 Community Career Interview Activity The purpose of the community interview is to assist the student in the Criminal Justice program of study in developing a sense of community collaboration. For this assignment, interview a Criminal Justice professional who works and provides services in a community environment. Through the interview report and summary, students will: Demonstrate a community perspective through the submission of a written report of an interview with an individual in your community who works collaboratively with criminal justice professionals. Acquire knowledge of a community support service/agency providing service interventions for residents from using primary prevention, secondary interventions (for example, drug treatment, domestic abuse counseling, etc.) and/or tertiary prevention. Synthesize the major outcome of the community interview as evidenced by a summary presentation to the course discussion board. Respond constructively to one other student’s summary post Interview Suggestions: Director/Manager of a community agency providing prevention, intervention or correction programs or activities. Examples include DARE, school crime prevention programs, truant officers, clergy, drug treatment program personnel, judges, juvenile specialists, programs to reduce recidivism rates of correctional services, or other appropriate individuals. Within the written report, include the following: Name of organization; person interviewed; position in the organization Reasons for choosing this individual/organization Date and time of interview Questions (respond to each of these questions):
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What is the purpose of your organization? What are the general services that the organization provides? How does this program specifically help residents of the community (give a minimum of two ways)? How do individuals access these services? What is the cost of the services? Who pays for the services? What resources are available for those who cannot pay for the service?
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crj 308 WEEK 3 DB1 - Ashford 4: - Week 3 - Assignment 1...

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