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The site consists of a searchable database of evidence-based programs in criminal justice and provides detailed information on each including the outcomes, study methodology, and cost, when available. Programs are added to the database from peer-reviewed journals and other existing literature as well as from nominations. It also has a link on the website that you can search for jobs within Department of Justice and you may strike gold by landing a job with the one the largest department in America. Also, I would like to point out the link for sales of seized property that you can buy if you have money. Missing person list helps provide information those that have been missing for days on top of days and cannot be found. I always look at the
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Unformatted text preview: paper and other resources on missing people because as we know there is always people like myself helping release information to find missing people. The prices are reasonable and affordable. As of now I have no use for this website in my research paper but there is so much great information on the website that I may have to dig into the website and see if I can use it as one of my references. As a person that is study in the field of criminal justice I have to one day look for a job. I can then one maybe apply for a job that suits me and what career field I want get into. The career I chose will have complete be somewhere in the justice field I just don’t know where I will fall as a new person in the field....
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