Elements of Design Eng. 225 Week 2 Assignment 1

Elements of Design Eng. 225 Week 2 Assignment 1 - Elements...

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Elements of Design During the process of envisioning and designing a film, the director, production designer, and art director (in collaboration with the cinematographer) are concerned with several major spatial and temporal elements. These design elements punctuate and underscore the movement of figures within the frame: setting, lighting; and costume, makeup and hairstyle. Choose a scene from movieclips.com and in a three to five page paper (excluding the APA title and reference page) analyze the mise-en-scène. Respond to the following prompts: The artists who were involved the production are: Cutis Hanson (director) Mexican-born cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto (Amores Perros, Frida), production designer Philip Messina (Ocean's Eleven, Traffic, Erin Brockovich), costume designer Mark Bridges (Boogie Nights, Punch-Drunk Love) and film editors Jay Rabinowitz (Requiem for a Dream, Affliction) and Craig Kitson (Wonder Boys). Art Direction by Kevin Kavanaugh What are their roles in the overall design process? This might require additional research… Explain how lighting is used in the scene. Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto does a great job with the lighting in this scene. This overall scene appears dark with deem light from outside that appears to come through the few windows but it doesn’t provide the light that is mainly used to set the mood in this scene. The lighting to the stage and audience which are the focus of this scene is provided by way of lights hanging from the ceiling over the audience. A few large white fluorescent lights are projected towards the stage to bring the main characters in to focus. While this lighting allows the viewing audience to be able to see the packed crowd down to close- up face shots in the scene it provides the most light to the stage where the main characters Rabbit and Lyckety Splyt appear in a spot light during the performance. How does the lighting effect our reaction to, or our understanding of certain characters? The use of lighting in this scene effects the viewer’s reaction in the same way as it does in much of
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Elements of Design Eng. 225 Week 2 Assignment 1 - Elements...

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