eng 121 comp 1 week 5 db2

eng 121 comp 1 week 5 db2 - The last 5 weeks in this class...

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Unformatted text preview: The last 5 weeks in this class have served as a refresher course and a learning experience. The list of things I have learned and will carry with me in my continued education are endless. A few of the most important concepts I have learned from this course are the SQ3R reading strategy, the dangers of procrastination, and writer’s voice. The SQ3R strategy described in the text as, “the abbreviation for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review.” (Sole, 2010) The SQ3R strategy has greatly helped me with learning how to read lengthy material and get the best understanding out of the information presented to me. The dangers of procrastination concept explained in the shed light on how to deal with my procrastination issues and overcome them one step at a time. Writer’s voice defined in the text as,” the combination of personality, experience, language choices, and interaction with the audience that gives each writer a unique style.” (Sole, 2010) Learning about writer’s voice opened my eyes as a that gives each writer a unique style....
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