ENG. 225 Week 5 DB 1

ENG. 225 Week 5 DB 1 - Eng 225 Week 1 and 2 DB Do you think...

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Eng 225 Week 1 and 2 DB Do you think that films, in general, influence society or does society influence what is presented in films? Provide detailed examples of at least two films you have seen to help explain your position. From music to movies there has always been a lot of controversy over the influence they have on society. This topic has always bothered me for some reason. People tend to use movies as an excuse for their actions or the actions of their children by blaming the industry for its presentation of certain things. Many believe that movies have a major influence on society which is true in many aspects. However, I believe that, generally, society influences what we see in films so much more. Just about everything imaginable that takes place in society has been displayed in movies in one way or another. So to say that movies are the primary cause for one thing or another especially violence, sex, drugs, etc. is a bit unfair when we all know these things happen anyways. The 1991 movie Boyz In The Hood displayed a lot of growing problems going on in society during those times and still today. Even though many may have looked at the violence in this movie and felt as though it was influencing society there was so much more to the story Boyz In The Hood ’ portrayals didn’t cause blacks to start struggling in the ghetto. The movie didn’t cause people to start using violence, fathers’ to become absent, or teenagers to start having sex. These things were already happening. What this movie did was put it all on display for the world to see and allow audiences to become more aware of these problems. This movie was greatly influenced by what society was experiencing and is merely a reflection of that which is why I feel that society impacts what we see in the movie industry even when it may be a little exaggerated to one extreme or another. Another movie that I feel was influenced by society is Not Without My Daughter (1991). This movie is about a woman who is an American citizen that married an Islamic doctor and together they have a daughter. The family goes on a trip to Iran where her husband decides he wants to stay. The highly Islamic family begins to treat her like they treat all of their women so she wants to escape back to the U.S. with her daughter. While this movie is based on a true story it also represents many people amongst society. Custody, religious practices, abuse, and other problems within families with children are all things that have been going on in society for as long as can be remembered. This movie simply takes a closer look inside one story to allow audiences to better understand and become more aware of what situations as such may entail. “Yes, we go to the movies to be entertained; as Steven J. Ross says in Movies and American
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ENG. 225 Week 5 DB 1 - Eng 225 Week 1 and 2 DB Do you think...

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