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When reading the responses I would to say I took the most from Chris on personal context. What motivates me to learn would have to be not being able to take care of myself in the near future. Growing up I never had a mother in my life. My mom dropped me off on my grandmother when I was four days old. Just knowing that if I continue to learn and further my education I could take care my family when I decide to have one. My grandmother pushes me too, she a great inspiration me she continues to tell me I’m going to be something in life. She’s just a great motivation for me to keeps me going when I’m down. I would have to say practical context is the one I found that suited me due to the fact that I would rather know something about what I’m learning before I learn it.When learning something new I feel as if I don’t know what I’m learning it would be difficult for me to get the
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Unformatted text preview: hang of it. Like Sara said,” I’m not really interested in just being told, “You gotta learn this,” without knowing in advance how it’s going to benefit me” (Alexander,Clugston,Tice,2010,pg.15). It doesn’t mean I won’t be open-minded to learning something new, it just take me by surprise when I have to sit and really read and listen to get the understanding of what is being taught. I wouldn’t say I know everything but as I read a lot I feel that I should gain some knowledge in the field I’m learning. I know I don’t know everything but that why I enrolled into college to better my mind, body, and spirit for my future career. Reference: Alexander, Clugston, Tice, (2010). Learning Online and Achieving Lifelong Goals. Bridgepoint Education, Inc....
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