Phi 200 Week 5 DB 1 and 2 (Autosaved)

Phi 200 Week 5 DB 1 and 2 (Autosaved) - After reflecting on...

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After reflecting on what you have read about and thought about in our course, select one topic that you thought was interesting, challenging, difficult, aggravating, new, or provocative. Discuss why you chose this particular topic, what you have learned about it and how it made you think a bit differently both about the issues this topic raises and about the value of philosophy. Figuring out what to write about for this discussion board was challenging because I have learned so much in this course and each topic has allowed me to experience something different on an education level as well as in my personal life. The one topic that was most interesting to me most was week 4 reading and discussion: various proofs of the existence of God and Questions about God. The reason I feel this topic was most intriguing is because of the complexity of each argument and the realization that the existence of God is not always viewed the same by all if believed at all and that is okay. I have learned that trough the arguments Philosophers have offered for the existence of God, including the ontological, cosmological (first cause) and the argument from design that no one argument can be proved beyond a shadow of doubt and each make very good points on their own basses. I have come to understand that it is not foreign for people to think differently in ways of religion, God’s existence as well has what believing means to them. The arguments for and against each theory has opened my eyes to things that I may have never otherwise thought of or choose to speak openly about. The philosophy on this topic is deep and forced me to look at it differently. I don’t think philosophers are seeking to change our beliefs in one thing or another only to present a other more indept views on a broader spectrum outside of our own box.
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Phi 200 Week 5 DB 1 and 2 (Autosaved) - After reflecting on...

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