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Unit 2: Organization Impact of E-Business Tiffany Nelson MGMT230-1101A-11 American Intercontinental University For anyone creating and establishing an Internet presence, they must be aware of the hard work, dedication, and knowledge it will require along with some of the concerns surrounding security and the possibility of risks involved. There are those creators like my brother, Joseph who feel that security risks are not a huge concern as long as the website is enjoyable, informational, and keeps customers coming back. However, it is so much more to it than just customer satisfaction through visual presentation of a website; web presence security is very critical to the safety of both the business and the customer. Having experience with developing a web presence, I felt the need to enlighten Joseph on the whole process especially since he expressed the least amount of concern for security. Not only will I inform him on the security concerns and risks but I will also provide him with some information regarding how to reduce risks and my personal security 1
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confidence opinion. Joseph needs to know that there is so much more to launching a web presence than just creating a fancy looking website. After deciding the company's URL or domain name and few other initial factors, Joseph needs to turn his focus towards applying security to the site. The ideal website with web presence security is one that is free from vulnerabilities of identity theft and hacking, free from malicious programs that connect to computers belonging to customers, it operates the way it was intended to, and is authenticated as a legitimate site (Garfinkel & Spafford, 2002). If the proper procedures and techniques are not applied, all of the factors listed above for an ideal website will become an issue or an area of concern.
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electronic busn_ip2 - Unit 2: Organization Impact of...

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