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Quiz #13 1. A human, pre-meiotic G2 phase cell (one that is just about to begin meiosis) is: A. 2n4x4c B. 1n1x1c C. 2n2x2c D. 1n4x4c E. 2n8x8c 2. Haploidization happens in: A. Diakinesis B. Meiosis I (the first meiotic division) C. Pachytene D. Diplotene E. Meiosis II (the second meiotic division) 3. In humans, chromatin is dispersed in: A. Anaphase B of mitosis B. Zygotene of meiosis I C. G1 phase but not G2 D. All of interphase E. S-phase only 4. Which of the following most accurately describes ploidy? A. All plant cells are 2n because they are eukaryotic B. Ploidy does not change during the life cycle of fungi C. In humans, ploidy changes during meiosis but not during mitosis D. Ploidy can be accurately estimated if you know the mass (x) of the DNA E. No eukaryotic cells have more than 2n 5. Which of the following is not an accurate statement about humans? A. There are 92 pieces of condensed chromatin in both metaphase of mitosis and metaphase I of meiosis I B. Sister chromatids are in syntelic orientation in metaphase I of meiosis I but
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