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Bio Notes Chapter 1 9-1-10 Critical to Know 1. How Natural Selection works 2. Evidence from evolution from fossils, age of earth, comparative anatomy, and molecular biology Must Know Properties of Life Deductive Reasoning Inductive Reasoning Hypothesis Theory Charles Darwin Thomas Malthus Homologous Analogous Molecular Clock Phylogenetic Trees Cell Theory DNA Genome The Domains of Life: Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya Characteristics- Repeatable events (observations and experiments) Economy of explanation: Law of Parsimony Largest amount of information w/ least effect Measurements and used Science stimulates further discovery Conciliance: principles are consistent across science. Types of Reasoning- Deductive reasoning General principles to individual events Inductive reasoning Specific events to general principles Probabilistic statements Hypothetical statements
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Good hypothesis
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Unformatted text preview: -consistent-simple-probable-uses physical explanation-stimulates research-makes predictions-testable Biology 4 basic questions 1. Origin 2. Diversity 3. Adaptation 4. Scala naturae: scale 2 hypotheses Divine creation= Supreme Being created organism exactly as they appear today Evolution= organisms change through time- species are not fixed Historical background of hypothesis 1. Linnaeus- classification scheme 2. Hutton- proposes a system of gradualism 3. Adam Smith- Laissez Faire economics 4. Lamark- system of acquired characteristics 5. Malthus- population grows geometrically 6. Lyell- wrote the definition on geologically 7. Cuvier- conveyer of studies in paleontology 8. Darwin- natural selection 9. Wallace- Co-discoverer of natural selection 10. Mendel- origin of genetic relationships...
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Chapter1 - -consistent-simple-probable-uses physical...

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